Four Reasons Why TigerLady Gives Women the Upper Hand

by Josh Levine June 20, 2015 2 Comments

This morning, the TigerLady team had the opportunity to tell Baltimore's FOX45 Morning Team about our new self-defense product. TigerLady is a discreet, lightweight self-defense tool that has some special features, which make it a superior option over more traditional self-defense tools. Stun guns, TASRs, and pepper spray can move over. Here are a few reasons why.

1. TigerLady is designed to fit perfectly in a woman’s hand, and unlike electric stun guns, it doesn’t rely on a wall-charger or batteries of any kind. In a world where everything runs on batteries, it is nice to have a self-defense tool that gives you everything, and expects nothing in return. You’ll never reach into your bag and grab TigerLady, only to find that it’s dead when you need it most… what a nightmare. 

2. It doesn’t go bad and seats firmly in your grasp. TigerLady doesn’t lose potency over time the way pepper spray does. What’s the use in having pepper spray with you if it doesn’t remain potent? You’re probably supposed to replace it every so often, but really, who’s doing that? Plus, wind, and assaults that come from an attacker behind you are no-go’s for pepper spray. TigerLady is simply reliable.

Additionally, pepper spray needs to be pointed in the correct direction, and the awkward way you have to hold it makes it easy to disarm or knock away. TigerLady firmly plants in your palm in an intuitive way, and when you make a fist, good luck trying to disarm it.

3. TigerLady becomes a natural extension of your body. We’ve heard some comments on Facebook that TigerLady allows a potential attacker to get too close. This premise relies on the idea that people have an opportunity to choreograph their assault. We all know that this is ridiculous — you never know what someone else will do. Sometimes things (and people) get too close for comfort, and when that’s the case, you need a way to create some space. Considering that about 90% of attacks by men happen without any weapon, we think TigerLady will do the trick. We think the best defenses are awareness and confidence, and TigerLady can help provide a sense of both. Learn how it works.

4. It’s modeled after a proven self defense mechanism directly from nature. TigerLady is based on one of nature’s most efficient, and effective self-defense mechanisms. It’s based on a cat’s retractable claws. Cats of all sizes have been using retractable claws to feed and protect themselves since the beginning of time. A cat’s paw is a soft ball of seemingly harmless fur, hiding a fierce set of sharp claws that can be summoned at a moments notice. That is TigerLady.

Simply put, our fingernails aren’t meant to absorb the stress of an assault. TigerLady provides a set of sturdy claws when you need them. And, hollow channels on the underside of the claws are designed to capture DNA. Once you relax your hand, and the claws retract, the DNA is protected in the body of the unit.

These are just some of the reasons TigerLady is a better choice than the mundane options that nobody carries anyway. Stun guns and pepper spray were developed for crowd-control and military use. Women’s self-defense is a secondary market for these companies. Furthermore, making a product in pink doesn’t automatically make it a good everyday carry choice for women. TigerLady is easy to carry. It weighs next to nothing, and it’s always ready. Check it out!



Josh Levine
Josh Levine


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February 06, 2016

Thanks for your comment Thedon! I’m so sorry we didn’t respond sooner. We’re currently looking into how we can best fill international orders and as soon as we do, we’ll post it up on Facebook, so please follow us


October 26, 2015

Great product! Why can’t I order the Tigerlady to be shipped outside the US? I wish to buy some to give to my female friends here in Sweden(rape capital of the world). It is much needed here.

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