2-Pack Tigerlady "Running Safety Grips"

Introducing the TigerLady "Runners" Package

We believe in TigerLady's value as a self-defense tool, but there is another great benefit to running with TigerLady. Runners love using TigerLady as Running Safety Grips. 

What are running grips?

  • Running grips provide a comfortable position your hands while you run.
  • They can cause less anxiety about how to hold your hand
  • Relaxing your arms and shoulders can improve your running form over time.

All that, AND self-defense? Yep. So, we're offering TigerLady in a package of two, and the price is nice too.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each TigerLady will go to a non-profit committed to putting an end to violence against women.

This ergonomic, hand-held claw can go with you anywhere. Made of high-impact plastic, TigerLady's defensive claws emulate those of the big cats from which they get their name. Channels on the underside of the claws are designed to capture DNA so you don't have to see your assailant to make a positive ID. 

Put the strap around your wrist and hold TigerLady in your hand before walking to your car or to the subway. Make sure you have it when you leave the club and when you're waiting for the bus. Just the act of holding TigerLady in your hand will ensure that you have a heightened sense of your surroundings, making you feel less vulnerable and more confident.

  • Always ready - non-lethal claws
  • Weighs less than 2 ounces
  • No maintenance ever - No recharging needed
  • Designed to capture DNA to identify the attacker
  • Made in the USA
  • We donate to non-profits committed to ending violence against women

Channel 8 TigerLady claw test

How to use TigerLady by Inside Edition

TigerLady taking the skin right off a watermelon rind. Check out how the skin of the watermelon is captured and held by the channels under the claws!


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