Is it Brass Knuckles?
No, it's not Brass Knuckles. TigerLady is a hand-held protractile claw that helps facilitate a sense of quiet confidence to the carrier, and requires no training to use. TigerLady is only to be used in self-defense.
What is TigerLady?
TigerLady is a brand new hand-held self-defense device inspired by the natural defense of a cat's retractable claws. TigerLady works in two ways. First, holding TigerLady in your hand reminds you to stay alert, and pay attention to your surroundings. Second, TigerLady enhances your ability to scratch an assailant and quickly get to safety.
How does TigerLady work?
Since people don't have claws to retract, TigerLady acts as a protractile claw that relies on the tension of your fist to cause 3 claws to protract from between your knuckles. The three claws have hollow channels on the underside, which are designed to collect skin and DNA for a better chance of positive ID.
What is TigerLady made from?
TigerLady is made from high-impact plastic and high-tensile polyurethane foam.
What are TigerLady's claws made from?
TigerLady's claws are made of high-impact plastic.
Why should I carry TigerLady?
Assault and sexual violence are a real problem in our society. Statistics point out that at least one in four college women will experience some sort of sexual assault in their college career, and that's just one study; we're hearing about new cases in the news everyday! Furthermore, while our smartphones provide unmitigated connection to the world around us, they also tend to be a distraction that can severely decrease our sense of self awareness, and situational awareness. We hope you'll never need to use TigerLady, but having it in your hand will remind you to be aware of all that's going on around you. And, when TigerLady is in your hand, you'll be more prepared for whatever comes your way.
Why is TigerLady being positioned as a product for women when violence and assault are universal problems?
We fully recognize that TigerLady is a terrific product for anyone who feels they would benefit from a boost of quiet confidence in their daily life. However, the United States Department of Justice reports that 3 million men and 19 million women have experienced some sort of sexual assault. With this level of inequity, we think it's time to shift the balance of power.
When will you ship my order?
We'll ship your order within 1-2 days of receiving it.
Can I return my TigerLady?
For health reasons, we cannot accept returns of TigerLady. In extenuating circumstances, please contact us.
Where can I buy TigerLady?
Right Here! As of now, the only place you can buy TigerLady is on our Website. Buy Now.